West End Producer is the anonymous man of the theatre world - who became a popular twitter figure with his theatrical anecdotes and barbs which both celebrated and satirised the industry. His identity is subject to speculation in the media, fuelled by his regular appearances at West End opening nights in costume, wig, and latex mask.

West End Producer (or WEP)  has been involved  in the business of entertainment all his life. From the moment he was born onstage during a performance of Titus Andronicus, he knew he was destined for a career in showbiz.

Firstly working as a volunteer, and then becoming an assistant stage manager, WEP got a hands-on training at his local theatre. It was there he learned the importance of biscuits in the rehearsal room, lager in the stage management fridge, and a willing young man in the leading actor's dressing room. However, after being bitterly disappointed by a particularly poor production of My Fair Lady, where Eliza was totally incapable of 'dancing all night', he decided that he could produce much better shows himself. And the rest, as they say, is history...

WEP's life these days revolves around producing, writing, tweeting, blogging, playing with his Andrew Lloyd Webber glove puppet, and supporting emerging talent. He is hugely passionate about new work, new talent, and new bottles of Dom Perignon. In 2012 he created 'Search for a twitter Star', the first online talent contest. The live final was held at the Lyric Theatre in the west end, and was the fist ever live twitter show - with the entire audience tweeting throughout. WEP followed this with a competition for new composing talent - Search For a Twitter Composer - with heats and a live final at the Soho Theatre.

WEP is also a popular writer. His first book - 'Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Acting, But Were Afraid to Ask, Dear' caused mild mannered showgasms throughout the theatre world. The book is full of insider gossip and knowledge of the entertainment business - covering everything from drama school auditions to how to act without getting an erection. He also has a weekly column in The Stage newspaper - in which he has written over 150 articles over three years.

WEP can regularly be seen attending theatrical first nights with his Jean Valjean teddy. He adores seeing theatre, in particular musicals - and always tries to ensure that opening nights run smoothly by throwing nuts at Sir Peter Hall to keep him awake. At home, WEP loves spending quality time with his Miss Saigon blowup doll and listening to the original cast recordings of anything apart from Love Never Dies.